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Clinique Clarifying Do-Over Peel

Clinique Clarifying Do-Over Peel

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Smooths, renews, boosts radiance

Who It's For
Dry Combination to Oily Skin

What It Is
With a special 32% Micro-Acid+ Complex, reveals millions of fresher cells for skin that looks radiant and renewed.

What It Does

  • This at-home, leave-on peel reveals millions of fresher cells with each use.
  • With a special 32% Micro-Acid+ Complex, it boosts cell renewal through multi-level exfoliation, removing dead skin cells that build up on the surface and working deep within skin’s surface to help tackle future imperfections early.
  • In addition to removing dead skin cells, it also removes dirt and oil—all of which can clog pores and lead to breakouts.
  • Leaves skin looking more radiant and renewed. Helps improve skin’s texture so it feels soft and smooth.
  • It’s the perfect complement to our twice-daily instant exfoliator, Clarifying Lotion. For a multi-level exfoliation, use Clarifying Do-Over Peel 2-3 nights a week and then on other nights and every morning, use Clarifying Lotion.


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